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" Octipas has overtaken all competitors since we decided to deploy its in-store services with a function-rich and easy-to-integrate solution, along with the deployment it offers.

Their solution is clearly ahead of the field and goes even further than all the others on the market ".

Stéphane Vandevelde, Cross-channel Director, Celio (Nov 15)

" Octipas has built and integrated a true omni-channel offer with Adyen, which is a powerful tool for stimulating in-store sales and optimising retailer stocks.

Octipas is now a strategic partner for Adyen in this area. It's a ready-to-go solution which makes it both functional and operational, a unique solution in this emerging omni-channel market".

Arnaud Chevalier, Director Business Development Omni-Channel, Adyen (Nov 15)